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  • Property buyers and landlords need to ensure their properties are clear of meth traces. Landlords are especially vulnerable:

  • The Residential Tenancies Act Amendment No 2 inserts a new provision providing for premises that are proven by prescribed testing methods to be contaminated, to be treated as uninhabitable in line with current law (Part 2, clause 29A inserting new section 59(5)).

  • This really means that all premises should be tested between tenants as Landlords will become liable in law for exposing tenants to potential harm - however that may be defined

  • Properties that have been the location of a meth lab will leave significant and potentially harmful contamination and that left by heavy users can cause irritation, eye conditions and respiratory discomfort.

  • A low level test result  doesn't mean you will have to undertake extensive repairs or involve commercial cleaners.

  • Quorum Forensic tests will give you screening information regarding levels and practical advice for remediation

  • However, there is no guarantee of how a person will be effected as any of us can have an allergy triggered by the most minute of substances.

  • Research shows that frequently people are unaware of the causes of their general feelings of malaise and we hear the term 'a sick house'. Often respiratory discomfort is thought to be cause by dampness, mould or other factors. Methamphetamine traces are often the last things people expect.

  • Contact one of our expert team now for advice or testing of your property

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