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How do we conduct the test?

 We will take samples from each room in the house and as long as no sample exceeds 1.5µg/100cm2 we will advise that the property is safe for habitation.


You will receive a phone call / email discussing the test and a written report with 24 hours of the testing .

In addition we can provide extremely accurate testing measured in nanograms/m2 where a more precise reading is required or where a retest is needed following positive findings.

What would you expect to pay for a Test for Methamphetamine?

A simple screening assessment is possible what most people are looking for in the first place.  This involves taking samples for various points around the property and analysing the results. This will give an immediate yes/no answer and some reassurance that your property is not contaminated. If people have been using meth rather than manufacturing meth, traces will still linger and whilst not necessarily harmful may well affect you ability to on-sell the property or to ensure complete wellness of your tenants.

Our testers are scientists in various fields including bio-sciences, but all recognise the need for accurate testing that will give empirical (accurate) results that will be suitable for insurance companies or your bankers if seeking a mortgage.  As a landlord, it may well be advisable to test between tenants to ensure that (a) previous tenants have not contaminated your property and (b) to  give confidence to incoming tenants.  Also, be very aware that meth use and manufacture is NOT confined to low-rent dilapidated properties. We have found meth traces in rental properties at the very top end of the market.


Full screening test                    $225.00 plus GST

Field Composite                         $150.00 plus GST

(A field composite test will take samples from throughout the property and combine into a single test. If there is no contamination in a house this is a good alternative to a full test but you do sacrifice some degree of accuracy)

Bedrooms above four               $45.00 per extra bedroom

Retesting. If the preliminary tests show contamination, we are able to provide comprehensive laboratory assay in nanograms per square metre (A nanogram is a billionth of a gram). Retesting is by taking four discrete samples from contaminated rooms and providing assay results in nanograms. The cost for this testing is $75 per room.

However the basic screening test by one of our science team will suffice for most properties and will be an accurate guide to any remedial action you may need to take. 

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