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Fertilising your garden is more often than not plain guesswork. On every trip to you garden shop you are confronted with a bewildering array of specialist fertilisers - rose fertiliser, citrus, bulb vegetable and many others. The moist important chemicals you can add to your soil consist of the N-P-K formula and its many variations.

Quorum Health and Scientific works with Breezy Gardens, Christchurch to assist people in this area.

What does N-P-K stand for and what does it do?

A simple way to recall this is to think of 'up, down and around'.  N (Nitrogen) is important for above ground growth, stems, leaves, fruit and flowers. P (Phosphorus) is the 'down' part and serves to strengthen roots, tubers, corms and all the underground growth you need to promote., It is useful for assisting growth for crops such as potatoes. The 'around' part is Potassium which is great for plant vigor and all-round strength.

So when do we apply fertiliser and how much? This is where we can help buy providing an accurate measure of the N-P-K proportions already in your soil along with other trace elements so important for healthy plant growth. This will ensure appropriate measures of chemical fertilisers and also saves you money by recommending the correct proportions for your garden.

Soil testing is quick and simple and we can provide results in two or three days including a soil analysis of sand, stone, clay and organic material which will also give you an indication of the degree of lime or mulch to add to your soil.

The cost of a comprehensive soil test is $50.00 plus GST. 

Not a lot for peace of mind gardening.

Call us or call Breezy Gardens on 0800 374 111


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