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The company has an extensive history of developing trade links with China and can procure a wide range of clinical goods and supplies to buyers throughout the World. Over recent years we have developed strong and often exclusive relationships with major manufacturers in China and have excellent networks to sort goods and materials for hospitals and clinical settings.

With the SARS-Covid 19 Pandemic the company has been actively involved in the sourcing of high quality PPE, oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen supplies, IR thermometers, inoculation syringes, nitrile gloves, Rapid Antigen Tests and other goods. We can supply virtually all medical equipment including hi-grade equipment including X-Ray machines (permanent and portable), Scanners, ECG and many other requirements.

Our prices are competitive as we deal direct with manufacturers and have a strong system for shipping and/or air freight.

We recognise that procurement departments often do not have the ability to have the type of overview we have of manufacturers and must take on trust documentation and quality claims without being able to visit the manufacturer and ascertain the veracity of claims. The QHL team include expert health professionals and have extensive experience working as consultants to government and the private sector. Therefore, the team has an excellent understanding of procurement issues and quality requirements.

Recently we have been tasked with the supply of Rapid Antigen Testing equipment and have a number of reputable manufacturers able to meet very large quantities for government or private sources.

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