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  • While contamination left by moderate usage is unlikely to cause adverse symptoms It is useful  for potential buyers to assure themselves that no trace of methamphetamine usage is in a property they own or plan to buy. Landlords are particularly vulnerable as tenants are more likely to manufacture or use Methamphetamine and either will leave indelible traces.

  • In serious cases  where a property has been the site of a methamphetamine manufacturing operation a property may need its entire internal wall internal coverings removed, new carpeting and commercial cleaning using specialized chemicals of all surfaces. This can be a significant cost and one that  has become all too common.

  • All of our testing team are graduate scientists and able to accurately and quickly assess the risk to property owners.

  • The remedy is a preliminary test by one of our team so that traces can be identified.

  • A screening report at this stage that demonstrates no contamination will give you confidence that the property is clear of either usage or manufacture. A  report showing high levels of contamination will need to be followed up by more detailed testing to evaluate the depth of contamination and remedies for restoration. We are able to advise and provide a quotation for such work.

  • Methamphetamine Testing is usually carried out within 24 hours of request and a report is issued within hours after testing is completed.

  • Methamphetamine kits are available on the market, however it is more useful to show an independent report to your insurer, bank or financial institution. The report will give you peace of mind and would be recommended as an essential part of any property inspection.


While some meth labs are sophisticated industrial scale operations, the above illustration is of a crude lab in a suburban house. Simple to assemble and manufacture but the fumes leave lasting residues that can affect the health of future residents/owners.

Please note this is a picture of a stereotypical property  but for privacy reasons, is not one that we inspected.





Due to demand we have recently expanded services to take in rural towns, villages and dwellings in Canterbury. As a great deal of meth manufacture tends to be in remote areas, or at least away from the suburbs, we are finding contamination in the country towns. If you have rental properties or are buying outside of Christchurch give us a call.


Competitive mileage rate charged from the City Boundary.

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