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NZ Government confirms Quorum position regarding remediation of meth contamination.

A report today ( by the New Zealand Government confirms this company's stance regarding unnecessary remediation following testing for meth. Quorum has always advised caution when only trace elements are found and usually such minor contamination is removed with a good clean of surfaces and carpets - the sort of thing you would do anyway if you were taking over from a tenancy where people were smokers. However we continue to advocate for a screening test between tenants or prior to purchase so that contamination, if any, is dealt with appropriately. It has become clear that some people are advocating for very comprehensive decontamination when only a professional cleaning is required. It must be remembered however, that the presence of a manufacturing operation will lead to contamination from the toxic chemicals used in the making of methamphetamine. Such cases are common enough to cause concern and remediation to remove all toxins can be comprehensive and expensive.

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