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Among the usual trolls a reader from Halswell asked the following relevant question which sums up much of the concern following release of the government's report:

"OK - can you give us a number of homes you have unnecessarily declared requiring remediation based on quasi science?"

We replied:

In a word, none. The question you have to answer for yourself and your family is, would you move your children into a house that has previous occupiers who have used meth? Further, how would you feel if you discovered this after you had moved in? Wouldn't you like some science to assist your decision making? When contamination shows in the upper levels we recommend cleaning. But most people have a test done for reassurance. I suggest you go to and read our opening page which clearly counsels against unnecessary remediation. Thanks for your queries however as this helps clarify the situation for many.

In terms of quasi science, we use sophisticated, empirical tests that will give a precise measure of the level of contamination. This isn't the issue - it is what is done with the information that is important.

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