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Meth contamination now in waterways

Methamphetamine traces are the highest of all drugs found in the waterways of Christchurch and Auckland, Police tests show. The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) was commissioned by Police in December to test sites in both cities and allow authorities to map drug use patterns and give an clearer indications of areas where drug use is most common.

Three months of testing showed significantly higher presence of methamphetamine compared with other commonly used illicit drugs. (Stuff March 2018)

The presence of methamphetamine traces in waterways is an indication of the epidemic sweeping New Zealand where it is estimated that 3% of the population (or approximately 140,000 people) are using methamphetamine. Ensure you property is free from contamination, especially between tenants, prior to purchase. Call Quorum Health now for a scientific appraisal to ensure you are not up for potentially expensive remediation to remove meth traces in your property.

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