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An enquiry from our Facebook page: what is a 'low level' of meth?

Just wondering what is a low end reading and what's not? Are there national standards and at which reading height does a property just need a good clean or need to be fully striped and relined? We are meant to have been moving into a rental and had our suspension so requested a test but haven't been given much more information other than a reading of 2.6 and that the house just needs a clean. Have small children so wanting to ensure this is correct and they will be safe. Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

Hi S. This is a high level of contamination and I suspect the property will require more than a clean. The following is from the NZ Standard.

 1.5 μg/100cm2 in high use areas (areas of a property frequently used by people) based on an individual sample  3.8 μg/100cm2 in low use areas (i.e.: roof spaces and crawl spaces) based on an individual sample

If the level of methamphetamine in any one high use area exceeds 1.5μg/100cm2, professional decontamination is required in those areas before the property can be tenanted.

Based on this we would recommend professional decontamination especially if ypou have small children.


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